It is suggested that you may want to check the Events Page on the website before finalizing the date of your event, to make sure it doesn't conflict with a neighbouring event.

Adding the event

  • Click on Events in the menu
  • Read the submission guidelines
  • Click on ‘add event’.

Adding the flyer/image

  • This works best as a landscape image (as opposed to portrait).
  • Files must be less than 100MB.
  • Allowed file types:png, gif, jpg or jpeg.
  • Only ONE image is allowed.
  • Images must not contain copyrighted images. The only exceptions are maps and NA symbols & logos, but they must include the relevant registered trademarks and copyright symbols.
  • Choose the file/image to be uploaded from your PC, laptop etc.
  • Click upload.
  • Add the event title in Title Case in the Alternative text box.

Entering the event information

  • Please use UPPER- and lower-case letters appropriately. (Example: “John Doe,” not “john doe” or “JOHN DOE”).
  • Use the correct case where appropriate.
    • Title Case – Title case is one of the conventions used for capitalizing the words in atitle, subtitle,heading, or headline: capitalize the first word, the last word, and all major words in between (e.g. Oxford Day of Unity not Oxford day of unity).
    • Sentence case - which the first word of the sentence is capitalised, as well as proper nouns and other words as required by a more specific rule (e.g. London not london, Monday not monday, September not september).
  • Add the event title in Title Case.
  • Select your ASC. If the event is a subcommittee of the UK region click the UK region tick box. If the event is outside the UK click the outside UK tick box.
  • Enter the event start and finish dates and times. For the date use format dd/mm/yyyy (e.g. 04/10/2019). For the time use the 24-hour clock format (e.g. 21.00 not 9.00pm).
  • Add the price. If the event is free, put free not zero. Use the correct currency (e.g. £, $, € etc.) If the price is yet to be confirmed put To Be Confirmed.
  • Select the event type.
  • Select the format.
  • Add the full URL link if it is an online event.
  • Select Country.
  • Add the address.
  • When adding the postcode use capital letters and space.
  • Add the description.
  • All information on the flyer must be in the description apart from the address, date, time and price.
  • DO NOT use acronyms or abbreviations, spell out all names, places and venues in FULL.
  • DO NOT add personal contact numbers or email addresses.
  • Public contact details for the event itself can be entered.
  • Add the contact details for the contact of the event.
  • Add your contact details (even if they are the same).
  • A contact name, number and email are mandatory. Events that do not have a valid contact information will not be published.
  • Contact details entered in the 'Contact Details' boxes are kept private and are only used by the Events Coordinator should contacting you be necessary. Details will not be published on the website.
  • Click ‘Save’ to save the event.

Event approval is carried out by the Events Coordinator within approximately 24 - 48 hours.